Saturday, January 19

‘Food Justice’ for Thought




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Join us in Santa Fe for a free, open and thought-provoking conversation with leading New Mexico food justice activists and sustainable farmers!

Taking place within walking distance from and immediately following the Santa Fe farmers market at the Railyard, this event is part of a series of community dialogues helping to unify New Mexico's grassroots local and sustainable food movements.

We are advocating for passage of a GE food labeling bill and other sustainable food initiatives in the January - March 2013 New Mexico legislative session, as well as supporting local community-based food justice projects. Come learn more and get involved!

Food for thought...

What’s Next for the Food Movement?

In the last decade, the movement for healthy, sustainable food has been growing exponentially, with consumption of organic foods growing nationwide from $8 billion in 2000 to $31 billion in 2011. We’ve seen an equally dramatic rise in the number of farmer’s markets and CSAs. Still, it’s a big jump to move from 4 percent market share, to changing national food policy.

The food movement is growing fast, but as a political force, it’s still in its infancy. Big agribusiness still controls the purse strings in Congress, and runs the show at the FDA. At least for now.

An ABC News poll found that 93 percent of Americans want to know if their food is genetically engineered. Even after a narrow loss in California against a heavily financed and deeply entrenched food industry, the rapidly growing food movement may be just getting started.