Ticket Info

Tickets: $100

Group and family reductions and scholarships are available upon request.

Event Description

The rain has come and finally we have another firewalk!!

In these times of global and personal challenges and changes, we are called to joyfully remember our true nature as human light beings: we can walk unharmed over glowing coals, we can perform miracles. It is time for us to claim our true purpose and change the world - one step at a time!

Come and join us in this celebration of life!! Everybody can walk on fire. Peoples all over the planet have used firewalks as rituals of cleansing, healing and of reconnecting with the divine. At the Light Institute we have walked on fire for more than 25 years experiencing the ecstasy of performing a miracle and experiencing who we really are.

Come and join us for our meditation at 5pm and ask Chris Griscom questions in her knowings class at 5:30. The firewalk workshop will start at 6:30, please be on time to light the fire.