Fine Art Show Reception (Ed Girdner & Heather Gallegos-Rex)




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Ed Girdner: Fine Art Oil Painter

Ed finds pleasure in putting his own touches to common, ordinary, everyday scenes. We so often go through life not seeing the beauty around us because it is so familiar...Ed says. He strives to emphasize the light, the shape and the color of the simple things to put new faces on those unnoticed treasures. A work of art includes emotion and I hope that the viewer can feel that in my paintings...Ed says. Though he tries to be original in the way he paints Ed acknowledges the inspiration and example of many other artists, some famous but most largely unknown. Among them are Eva Stone and Charles Sheldon.

Heather Gallegos-Rex: Fine Art Tapestry Artist

Color is paramount in Heather’s work. She dyes all her own wool and silk and sometimes uses dozens of colors
and color gradations in a single piece in order to create an exact nuance. Heather revel’s in and feels awed by the constructive, additive process of weaving. Watching line-by-line, color by color, almost a magical transformation of an idea into an image -- a contemporary tapestry -- is thrilling...Heather says. Her expressive goal is to excite similar enjoyment for the viewers or owners of her work.