Film Screening, Santa Fe Premiere of ‘Money & Life’




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Admission: Free Will Donation

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Film screening, Santa Fe premiere of Katie Teague's documentary film "Money & Life," followed by discussion.

The film's showing is part of the monthly series of Town Hall Meetings on how to regain our democracy from the plutocracy — a series hosted by the community organization, WeArePeopleHere!. WAPH!'s "Banking on New Mexico" program is helping to build a more secure foundation for New Mexico business and people.

"Money & Life" focuses on how our society has been and continues to be whip lashed by the booms and busts required by its debtor-creditor basis.

Follow this cinematic journey through history and society discovering what is "money," and how we might view it differently, use it more wisely, and create more "life" for all of us.The audience experiences the raucous roller coaster of credit and debt as a portal through which it sees other possibilities of a future — a future dealing with money differently, creating other relationships with it. Money is, as the film illustrates, nothing but a faith-based construct of society. "Our long-running 'Great Recession' can be seen not as a crisis but as an opportunity," says Teague.

The film does not set out to blame the greed of our society nor its high priests, the global bankers, yet as the interviewees comment, the money system is "a giant Ponzi scheme" that "siphons money up, does not trickle it down."

We are asked to ponder the values of a system of money that we have all constructed. Money hasn't always been the center of our lives, nor does it need to reign over humanity's future. The point is to use our current continuing crisis to build new paths to rediscover our humanity.