Exploring the Sacred Living Library



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Per Person: $17

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Facilitated by Rev. Kelly Turner-Cooke, M.A.

In this workshop, we will begin to access the unique and multi-dimensional system of Divine knowledge that is YOU! It will include a basic overview of the chakra system which contains an intricate catalog of information about your true essence and original blueprint...as well as how one is connected and can connect even deeper to the Universal Source.

Rev. Kelly Turner-Cooke is an intuitive and holistic consultant who recently came to Santa Fe from Austin, TX. She has been assisting others find their true potential and powerful Self for over 20 years. She received her Masters in Counseling from St. Edward’s University in 2007. In addition, she has had the blessing of studying with many powerful teachers in the Sufi, Native American, Orisha, and Christian traditions...just to name a few. 

Kelly will be offering healing modalities, intuitive readings, and ionic detox sessions at Milagro Herbs, customed tailored to each individual’s Soul “re-membering” starting in mid November.

For more information please contact Kelly @ 512-689-4418
website: www.wix.com/kellyturnercooke/counseling