Axle's 3rd Annual Performance Art Series

Evaluation:  Banal to Transcendent




Event Description

Banal to Transcendent

Mara Leader
Music: Jason Goodyear
Choreography: Jocelyne Danchick

This multimedia performance explores ideas of surveillance. Multiple elements of experimental video and sound emanate from the interior and exterior of the Axle truck. Dancers perform and interact with audience members, repeating rhythmic pedestrian movement and sequentially modulating time. A video camera records and projects to the exterior world the spontaneous, secretive interaction in the truck, luring the audience inside. As audience members exit the truck they are asked to take a quick survey.

Mara Leader received her BFA in Painting from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Leader was part of an art group called Red Spot, which staged performance art on a rooftop in Soho, New York. She has been working in Santa Fe since 1988.

Jason Goodyear is a media composer, musician, and sound artist working with new music and communication technologies in both real and virtual performance venues. His experience as an artist crosses boundaries of fields such as filmsound, audio production, field recording, video, installation and internet art. His work as a composer, performer and sound artist has been heard worldwide. He designed and teaches all of the audio courses at Santa Fe Community College and is Contributing Faculty at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Jocelyne Danchik recently relocated to Santa Fe after years performing in Paris and elsewhere in Europe. Her work explores the phenomenology of embodiment, somatic psychotherapy and experimental dance forms.