Eryn Bent



Event Description

Singer-songwriter Eryn Bent has been enchanting audiences since age 14, with her powerhouse vocals and honest, gritty songwriting. 

Born and raised in Montana, Eryn has deep Western roots that shine through her Indie Folk-style songwriting. She has played all over the West coast, forever planting her musical magic in the hearts of those who listen to her. 

As well as being a folk singer, Eryn is also a trained operatic/classical vocalist, which gives her the incredible range and ability to showcase her vocals in many evocative ways. She has written and released three independent albums, and continues to write voraciously as she prepares for her 4th. 

Impassioned performance is Eryn’s goal for every musical venture, and to quote Ms. Bent herself:  Playing and performing my music is not what I do – it is who I am.