Emblems of Hidden Durations

Exhibition of drawings at Axle Contemporary




Event Description

opens Friday, October 25th 5-7pm
in front of Zane Bennett Gallery, 435 S Guadalupe
exhibition continues through November 9th


Since the passing of Wellman's brother Ronny, almost 35 years ago, he has thought deeply about what is death.  His new book, Emblems of Hidden Durations contains visual and written reveries, reflections exploring definitions of death and deathlessness.  Quoting Wellman:  "I gathered the  words in this book from the viewpoint of a conversation with myself at my imagined death.The emblem is us - our life - and the hidden duration is immortal."  The exhibition in the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery includes dozens of Wellman's drawings and paintings from the book.

On November 2nd, the Day of the Dead , a new Tree Operetta, Hidden Durations created by Molly Sturges inspired by Emblems of Hidden Durations, will be performed outdoors at CCA starting at sunset . Hidden Durations features a wide range of artists, musicians, dancers and community members.  The piece combines “chance” compositional techniques and is different each performance.  The audience, who sits around a tree, in this case a dead piñon, is limited to 30 people. A dead piñon was chosen as an emblem of our place and an invitation into the challenges and opportunities of our times.  RSVP to this special, intimate event will be necessary. Performances end with tea, cookies, and a time to talk together. Reservations required: Please RSVP by e-mail to info@axleart.com.  Include the names of attendees in your party and the time of the performance which you would like to attend.

About Tree Operettas
Tree Operettas are intimate collaborative musical storytelling events created by Molly Sturges in collaboration with artists, and other community members including biologists, hair dressers, teachers, firefighters, grandmothers and local flora and fauna.  Each tree operetta is an exploratory, interdisciplinary exploration of locality, is performed for and with small audiences, and takes place outside around a tree.