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Einstein: A Stage Portrait



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Reservations: 505-424-1601

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Ticket Prices: $16 general, $12 seniors & students. Cash, credit card, or check at the door.

Event Description

THE SETTING: The year is 1946, the Bomb has been dropped, the world has forever changed, and Albert Einstein has invited the audience over to his home to set the record straight about his life. Join Dr. Einstein for an evening of humor, introspection, science and a little violin. You’ll walk away with an understanding of the man who solved many of the world’s most difficult puzzles with astounding creativity and a delicious sense of humor.

Einstein: A Stage Portrait has been hailed as an overwhelming success by presenters and patrons throughout the United States!

ALAN ARKIN, Actor/ Writer/ Director/Academy Award Winner
"Tom, your performance of Einstein is filled with wisdom and warmth and wonderful nuance. Thank you for what is a very special, very moving evening."

“Tom Schuch is clearly an actor’s actor…He embodies a certain comfort on stage that few actors ever really achieve. But when it happens, it is wonderful to watch…the Einstein he portrays is multi-faceted. I found it to be a timely and important story to hear at this time in our own history. The humanity in his story was poignant and heartening.”

JIM WALTHER, Director, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
"We found your portrayal to be the perfect balance of entertainment and education."

PAUL FLOWERS, Chair, Chemistry & Physics Department, University of North
Carolina, Pembroke
"We were fortunate to have an actor of this caliber to represent someone of Einstein’s caliber."