Earth Chronicles Project: New Mexico Exhibition




Event Description

Fran Hardy, M.Ed., environmental artist/filmmaker/educator, focuses on the natural world–especially native flora and its preservation. She is particularly fascinated by ancient trees and her most recent work focuses on the infinite variety and importance of trees in sustaining our environment. She creates large dramatic mixed media paintings and drawings on panel and installations done in collaboration with filmmaker Bob Demboski. Fran and Bob also collaborate on the Earth Chronicles Project which is a unique combination of documentaries on the confluence of art, ecological sustainability and cultural preservation that drive and inspire group exhibitions curated by Fran and educational programming based on the individuals and places featured in the documentaries. Their documentaries aired on PBS stations, on FEC-TV national educational channel and at museums and have been sponsored by grant funding, museums and private donors. Fran has h ad six solo museum exhibitions across the country as well as numerous solo gallery shows from NYC to Florida to New Mexico. Bob comes from a long television and filmmaking career with clients as The Oprah Show, PBS, Lucas Films, Discovery Channel, HBO, and behind the scenes work on feature films.

The exhibition runs from 4/15-5/17/13, open weekdays from 9-5pm.