Dreamweaving Techniques for Animals and Their Humans

with Dr. Denise Michel and Jill Michel



Contact Info:

(505) 467-8162

Event Description

Talk/Class 1: Introduction to DreamWeaving Technique/Fitness (DWT/F)

for Animals & People: Denise and Jill will cover the history, describe the technique, discuss case studies, have 1-2 people give their testimonial, and hand out information on DWT/F classes.

October 12, 2013: Talk/Class 2: Discover the Holistic Personality of Yourself or Your Animal Companion: Denise and Jill will lead individuals through this process using a Plus/Delta chart for body-mind-emotion-spirit, as well as use one person/pet as a live example.

October 26, 2013: Talk/Class 3: Safe & Effective Use of Essential Oils: Denise and Jill will discuss quality, questions to ask your oil distributor, safe application which includes number of drops, dilution, and signs & symptoms the oils are working or if toxicity occurs. At the end we'll have a Q & A; consultations available; essential oil website info; DWT/F class info.