Double CD Release Show: iNK oN pAPER ‘Official Demo’ and Luke Carr ‘Pigrow!’




Event Description

iNK oN pAPER continues their mission of dragging rhythm through the mud in the 5 song, 42 minute CD/download “Official Demo.” Exploring new ideas and recording techniques, iNK oN pAPER has taken their unique approach to a bass and drum duo to a new level of orchestration and dynamics. For those who still like artistic audio relics, 100 handmade, numbered CD have been made out of blown and stamped ink on paper. Download cards/CD’s also at

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Pigrow, Luke Carr’s debut solo album, is an eighteen minute mini-epic, exposing for the first time the multi-instrumentalist on guitar, bass, drums and voice. Carr’s previous project, Pitch & Bark, gained attention from John Dieterich, guitarist of the band Deerhoof, who co-produced, engineered, mixed and mastered Pigrow along with Carr. Dieterich also plays guitar and synthesizer on two of the album’s tracks.

Mostly an acoustic effort, Pigrow takes the listener through a series of arcs, beginning with minimal guitar and voice sections which expand into full rock motifs, all the while accurately reflecting Carr’s one-man-band live show, in which he loops live instruments to create his own full rock sound.

Pigrow will be available for purchase (in download and CD format) from on February 22nd, 2013.