Debbie Young’s Unveiling of Temporary Life-Size Sculpture




Event Description

Opening May 17 in Axle Contemporary’s mobile gallery, Young will exhibit a temporary life-size version of one of her intricate sculptures, using the space of the mobile gallery as her canvas.  Her intricate drawings and outlandish constructions lead the viewer down a twisting path that evoke comparisons to R. Crumb, Maurice Sendak and Lewis Carrol.  Young creates modern-day urban stories, a sort of urban tropical Brothers Grimm on acid, an extraterrestrial carnival with teddy bears, zombies, and a tiki lounge.

One week later, May 24, Red Dot gallery will present Splinter Group, a presentation of several of Young's small sculptures made from white pine covered in intricate ink drawings.  Young will integrate several of her sculptures into an installation for an individual room in the gallery space.  These works have accompanying drawings which, hung on the wall behind the sculpture, create a unique context for and further elucidation of the themes in the work.  Throughout this group of artworks, Debby Young's inventive mind is deeply in evidence.

Debby Young, based in Santa Fe and New York, has long worked as an illustrator and set designer for a wide variety of projects in diverse outlets: The New York Times, NBC, Random House, Scholastic, Warner Brothers, Coca-Cola, Marvel, Disney, and McDonald's.