Corrales Corn Maze

2.2 miles of trail




Ticket Info

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Adults: $8.00(12 and up)

Kids: $6.00(Ages 3 -11)

Ages 2 and under: Free

Event Description

The Corn Maze

Get your maze on at either of our two locations. Both beautiful, Corrales or Los Lunas mazes are sure to provide a family fun experience for all ages. Each year we cut new mazes, and this year the Corrales maze offers 2.2 miles of trail, and our Los Lunas maze offers a Large Maze with 3.3 miles of trail and a Mini Maze 1 mile of trail!

The Night Maze

We are so lucky to live in the country where the stars are crystal clear and the harvest moon lights up the maze like a lantern. That's why so many people enjoy navigating the maze at night, you get the bonus of stargazing for free! We also have a harvest bonfire so don't forget your marshmallows!
Pumpkin Patch

What would a  trip to the country be without a fabulous pumpkin patch? We have pumpkins of all sizes and shapes so the question is how do you choose the perfect pumpkin? Carefull scrutiny of every pumpkin is necessary to find the perfect one to take home. Or maybe it's finding the right size you can mange to carry? Whatever your criteria is, we are sure to fill the bill. Picking your own pumpkin is a memorable experience for all.


Climb on-board and prepare to experience an old-fashioned hayride.
Petting Zoo

Our farmland friends- Ah, aren't they adorable! Our farmland friends at the petting zoo aren't just cute they are all part of a working farm and you'll learn abou what they do to help. You can also experience feeding and petting the animals with a supervised farm helper. We have a new "Critter Casa's" for our farmland friends which adds fun to the zoo.
Play Area

In case the kids are still rambunctious and full for energy they are welcome to climb a straw mountain or participate in a variety of games in our play area.