Friday, May 3

Cole Bee Wilson / Laura Goldhamer




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Adult: $25

CCA Members: $15

Students: $10

Event Description

H. THUNDERBOLT is a sonic project by Cole Bee Wilson that investigates and re-contextualizes the life and times of Hannibal Barca 247-183 B.C.E. through various musical techniques and stylings. Combining shoegazing sentiments, lost and found sound, live cellular tapestry, automated egg beater droning, and book-stacked organ roaring, H. THUNDERBOLT tells a story of passion, vengeance, pride, blood lust, despair, remorse, fraternity, achievement, and crushing failure. Cole Bee Wilson, Isaac Winburn and Walter Long, along with special guests, present this collection of aural fables celebrating the highest challenge: to live.

Laura Goldhamer draws from a variety of purely American traditions; however, Laura’s ability to merge traditional Americana with the avant-garde, mixing inventive homemade technologies with earnest folk, and intricately composed stop-animation films. These visuals, created to illustrate song lyrics, are synced with live music delivery, and with the self-constructed speaker/drum/doorbell machine, affectionately named "The Roboctopus", an eight-channel robotic percussive ensemble made of speakers, drums, and doorbells.