COAL: The Musical




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General Admission: $10

Students: $5

Event Description

COAL: The Musical and the Movement

Join us for our first public event and contribute to the ongoing creative evolution of COAL.

COAL is a creative social change endeavor of national scope. Using the musical - an optimistic, family-oriented, and uniquely American art form - COAL invites us with heart and humor into the paradox of our fossil fuel-based society and ignites the audience for action. 

COAL: THE MUSICAL is a coming-of-age story. It is set in a mythical land where everything and everyone is connected by interwoven threads. A Weaver tends to the warp and weave of this interconnected fabric. The story begins in the aftermath of "the Snooze," an explosion that causes a great tear in the fabric of the world, severing threads and splitting the people into two clans: Bravewings, those who can see the tear, and Wayfoots, those who cannot.  A boy and a girl from opposing clans are thrown together to end the Snooze - to make what had become invisible visible once more, and to heal the tear.

COAL: THE MUSICAL and the Movement will premiere in San Francisco, Santa Fe and two other sites TBD in early 2014 with co-producers The Lensic and Z-Space (San Fran). The work-in-progress reading on February 8th will be the first of many opportunities to engage with the evolving production and the larger cultural story we are co-creating.

Your Voice Is Essential! Join us for a post-reading Q & A and participatory evaluations.

Off stage, Creative Organizing And Leadership (COAL) Fellows in each host city engage communities to  "come of age" by transitioning our energy paradigm through storytelling and focused creative responses that asks grassroots response groups, "what impact do we want to have?"  COAL morally frames the existential climate crisis and fuels the national movement for a regenerative economy.  It ignites an intergenerational and beyond-the-choir engagement about who we are and what we will stand for.