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'Last Gallery on the Right' New Artist Party




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Come celebrate change as Last Gallery On The Right receives new and eager owners.

Linda Storm is passing ownership of Last Gallery On The Right to Jacqueline Almond and Braden Anderson,  here is her story:

"My friend Pablo Perea, from Cuba, and I recently began painting together. A lot!

This spring we revealed 60 paintings in LaTienda Gallery in Santa Fe. In August we exhibited in New York City. Here is a glowing review of that show.

In 2015 we have solo exhibitions booked in Chicago and New York City.

We acknowledged the invisible force urging us to create magical art and rented a huge studio on Second Street, in Santa Fe.

Next Sunday, I will ceremoniously pass the keys on to Artist Jacqueline Almond, who was dedicated to the gallery from its inception, and to her talented partner, Braden Anderson.

They and I are excited for a new beginning with respect to the gallery’s mission, its artists, and its dedication to meaningful Fine Art.
As I face the strange and unpredictable, I am full of gratitude for them, for you, and for the art Pablo and I are creating.
You can look forward to continued invitations to gallery events, and now also, to private studio events.

Please come celebrate growth and change with us at Last Gallery on the Right August 31, all day from Noon to 5!"

New artwork and jewelry will be featured (examples below).

Christian Michael Gallegos

Warning, the gallery may be in disarray due to an overflow and rearrangement of paintings.