KBAC presents The Vanessie Sessions - NO COVER

Felecia Ford and The Broomdust Caravan

Broadcasting live on KBAC 6-7p; full concert 7:30-9:30p




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Hosted by RJ Laino, we welcome back Santa Fe's coolest new band, playing their unique blend of Outlaw American -- juke joint blues, honky tonk country, and biker bar rock n roll!

Picture yourself in a sandy dry river bed with steep banks of purple cactus flowers and yellow chamisa. In the distance, a strange rhythmic pounding like a bass drum gradually moves closer, then in the distance rambunctious music and voices singing, laughing, and trilling... Into sight from around the bend wanders a mysterious fiddle player...and then a disturbingly beautiful woman con una botella de plata en una mano and a tambourine in the other . . . behind her rolls a crowded wagon drawn by a strong horse and driven by a burly tattooed man in a beaver pelt top hat -- joyous folks riding in the wagon, on the roof, swinging from trapezes off the back. . . and then come the cowgirls on horseback, kind pirates, bikers on choppers, ghosts y gatos, skeletons with roses for eyes, fire dancers, paint covered artists, hippies with flowers in their hair . . . all of the groovy gente en todo el mundo ride with the wagon . . . Just as you consider turning and running away, the disturbingly beautiful girl touches your hand, the music moves your body, the driver nods . . . and you are swept away down the Rio Santa Fe onboard the Broomdust Caravan! Hold on! This is gonna be one helluva ride! Orale! Que viva el Broomdust Caravan de Nuevo Mexico! This Santa Fe supergroup includes Johny Broomdust, Felecia Ford, Justin Lindsey, Arne Bey, Tiho Dimitrov and special guests!

Broadcasting Live on KBAC from 6-7p with Eric Davis.  After the radio show a concert will ensue. NO COVER!