Zircus Erotique Burlesque Company presents

‘Boom Box Burlesque’




Ticket Info

Tickets: $15

Event Description

Friday, November 1st at The Lodge in Santa Fe. Featuring burlesque performances to live music by the band Chango.

Scheduled to appear:
MC Sista Petalaine
Chango, Santa Fe
Zircus Erotique Burlesque Company, Santa Fe, NM- Doutelle, Mena Domina, Nyree Nyx, Madam Lennox, Lola Brown
featuring guests:
Gilded Cage Burlesk, Albuquerque, NM - LezMerize, Parker Go Peep, Mystique
Burlesque Noir, Albuquerque, NM - General Blackery, Joy Coy
Burque Burlesque, Albuquerque,NM- Kitty Irreverent

Burlesque and live music come together to the music of Santa Fe’s very own Chango. The lovely local ladies of Zircus Erotique Burlesque Company will be joined by several special guest performers from the Albuquerque area, and MC Sista Petalaine for an action packed night. Get ready for a high energy show filled with unforgettable acts. We dare you to try and leave the dancing and singing to the performers while you sit back and enjoy watching all your favorite songs you used to blast on your boom box come to life on stage!