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Americana Rock & Folk Noir Bone Orchard’s music is a ride down the Route 66 of legend, as it might have been, had it started in Appalachia and detoured through the wild streets of Deadwood. The band draws inspiration for their original songs from stories of the American West, both modern and old, as well as the revisionist sensibilities of artists such as X, Joy Division, Sam Peckinpah and Cormac McCarthy forging a sound all their own of which Moors Magazine of the Netherlands says “sounds like the orphan children of an Appalachian string band and the Velvet Underground…..where adventure meets tradition”. Bone Orchard shows are characterized by Dan and Carol’s haunting modal harmonies and Daniel’s unique approach to the acoustic guitar, which combines the simple elegance of 1930’s era Maybelle Carter picking with the sonic excitement of punk and psychedelia. With the addition of Colin on stand up bass and Arne Bey on drums, the band is equally at home enciting their audience into a dancing frenzy or captivating them with a dark, atmospheric ballad. Gabe Gomez writing for the Santa Fe Reporter stated they are “redefining Americana…. symbolizing the wild romantic spirit of the West.”