Bison & Beeswax

Artist Merges Photography with Encaustic Wax




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"BISON & BEESWAX" will open Saturday May 11, 2013 from 10am to 4pm, in conjunction with the annual Canyon Road Arts Day Festival. This is an exciting opportunity to experience a working photo-encaustic studio and meet the artist, Marilyn Angel Wynn.

As a fine art photographer, Wynn will open her studio door to demonstrate how she takes her photography to a whole new altitude. By applying a mixture of beeswax and resin, known as encaustic, over compelling images, she transforms her photo work into a new form of contemporary art. With a national reputation as todays’ leading photographer of North American Indian Cultures, Wynn has the most comprehensive collection of its kind. Clients include those in the who’s who of media such as PBS, National Geographic, Time, Life, and The History Channel. “With this huge library of images at my finger tips, I can select and transform the strongest ones into oversized prints with encaustic wax painted on top” says Wynn. “A lucky fluke happened when I took an image of a bison to a printer’s lab to be enlarged. Their printer misread my file and gave me a tiled effect-- nine repeats of the same photo inside the dimensions I requested. It had an awesome wallpaper look, kind of like Andy Warhol!” After playing around with the squares using different tints of wax, Wynn decided to develop this approach further. Wynn comments, “In my view, the pieces created for this show are deep, rich and textural. It’s a mixture of inspiration, photography and contemporary art.”

Through Santa Fe Creative Tourism, Wynn gives photo-encaustic workshops. In June, Wynn’s studio gallery will be featured on the Santa Fe Studio Tours map. “When community inspires me, I like to give back and be as active as I can”. Wynn says. “There’s no other city that compares to Santa Fe. Being around stimulating people and attending countless events, it’s like going back to college.”

After May 11, the “Bison & Beeswax” show remains on display until June 26 by appointment only, call 888 765-3332. Learn more about the artist and see examples of her work at