Belisama Irish Dance: 7th Annual ‘Rhythm of Fire’




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Event Description

Belisama Irish Dance presents its 7th annual ‘Rhythm of Fire’ St. Patrick's Day performance 7:30pm Friday, March 15th, 2013, at The Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe.  One night only,  featuring live music and regional championship and top ten world finalist Irish dancers.  Also starring Michael Patrick Gallagher, former world champion and lead of Riverdance.

The 2013 performance features live Irish music by local favorites Jono Manson and Mark Clark, Artistic Director Adrienne Bellis, and Company Member Maria Jones, alongside Belisama's World Finalist and National Champion Irish dancers and internationally award-winning choreography.

Gallagher’s updated work for Belisama, ‘Donegal Slip’ revisits a choice piece of new-traditional Irish dance set to Beoga’s melodic accordion and triangle music. “I had worked with the same piece of music for a show I did back in Ireland called ‘The Rising Step,’ so it was interesting for me to revisit it with new dancers, a new perspective, and new energy for Belisama," said Gallagher, who has danced with Riverdance, Ragus, and most recently PBS series 'Celtic Woman.'

The company also presents its award-winning choreography, ‘Gillie,’ newly updated for the 2012 World Championships in Wexford, Ireland.  Belisama is proud to announce that each of the company’s dancers to attend the championships placed top ten in global rankings. The company will also perform ‘Belisama Stomp’ choreographed by Sean Curran, original cast member of ‘STOMP’ and New York City modern dance director. An Irish jazz dance set to an original Glenn Miller & The Andrews Sisters score rounds out the repertoire, with an exciting feature of Gallagher dancing live onstage. 

Belisama's current interpretations of traditional Irish dance "take elements of what other forms of dance do so well, but adapted to the high-energy, crowd-pleasing entertaining Irish style,” said Artistic Director Adrienne Bellis.  Each piece of choreography is set to contemporary Celtic and original scores and live music, a special focus for Bellis: “Great dancing has to have great music, and Irish music is fabulous—an instant expression of delight that brings so much cheerfulness to movement.  I love sharing that with people.”  

The Belisama Irish Dance Company features fifteen local dancers from Santa Fe and Los Alamos, including four open, national, and regional champions.  Most recently, the company performed with Lúnasa at The Lensic in Santa Fe in November of 2012, and will compete in the North American Championships in Washington, DC, February 16-18, 2013.

Adrienne Bellis, Artistic Director of Belisama Irish Dance, has training in jazz dance and music performance, and was first introduced to Irish dance in California at the Claddagh School of Irish Dance.  She is a national champion as part of an eight hand ceili team. Her students have performed with artists such as Trinity Irish Dance Company, Lúnasa, Natalie MacMaster, Gaelic Storm, and Eileen Ivers, and are recognized as national and regional champions as well as up-and-coming choreographers. Bellis is also a professional singer.

Belisama (bel-i-SAH-ma) is a Celtic goddess recognized in Romano-Gaulish inscriptions which equate her with the Roman goddess Minerva. The name translates as ‘summer bright;’ Belisama’s consort Belenus is God of the Sun, and she shares many attributes with him. Belisama is also associated with wisdom, healing, forge, and craft.

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