Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

Baile Español and Nacha Mendez

Traditional Hispanic Dance Troupe




Event Description

Led by Angie Miller, the Baile Espanol dance troupe has been performing locally for 32 years and is dedicated to preserving Hispanic culture and heritage through dance. Always a visual spectacle- puro cultura.

Nacha Mendez has been around. Born in Chicago, raised in the tiny border town of La Union, New Mexico, years spent in New York City, now settled back in the Santa Fe area. Her musical history is just as varied: she has been playing music since she was 5, and grew up singing Mexican rancheras; as a teen she formed a garage band with her cousins Gary and Darrell Black, sons of Jimmy Carl Black (original drummer in Mothers of Invention); in New York she studied flamenco guitar with Manuel Granados. She played in alternative rock bands, made dance records for the club crowd (under the name Xica Jool), and sang in composer Robert Ashley’s avant-garde operas. Finally it was time to forge her own sound. Nacha’s music is an expression of her curiosity, her varied experience, and restless passion for living. It refuses to fit neatly into any one genre, fearlessly drawing on a wide range of influences to expand the definition of “Latin” music. Various threads drawn from Norteño, Cuban, tango, rumba, flamenco, Middle Eastern, jazz, and even art rock filtered through her powerful voice as a single unified expression. She can be heard performing frequently in the Santa Fe/Taos area as a solo artist and with several different groups.