Oct. 18

Autophotography - Book Signing

Self-portraits by 77 New Mexico photographers




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Admission: Free

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For Autophotography, Axle Contemporary assembled an exhibition which includes many of the most compelling photographers working now in the state.  We've invited these artists to exhibit works of self-portaiture.  The participants include photographers known for diverse genres:  Landscape, portraiture, architectural, commercial, fashion, environmental, conceptual, journalism, abstract, and wedding photography.  Process ranges from 8x10 view cameras to smartphone photos, from silver gelatin prints to digitally manipulated ink jets prints.  For many of the artists, this exhibition has provided an opportunity for experimentation and reflection, outside of the artist's established oeuvre.  We are pleased to be able to share this rich portrait of a community of artists-photographers working in New Mexico at this time, by the photographers themselves.

Axle Contemporary Press is publishing a catalog of the exhibition.  Photo-Eye Books will host a booksigning with the photographers on Friday, October 18th, from 5-7 pm.

Photographers are: V. Amore, Henry Aragoncillo, Laurie Archer, Phillip Augustin, Brad Belmear, Jonathan Blaustein, Gay Block, Iscah Hunsden Carey, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Carola Clift, Eric Cosineau, Guy Cross, Ungelbah Davilla, Anton Dolezal, Chris Enos, Jennifer Esperanza, Steve Fitch, Kirk Gittings, Lydia Gonzales, Sondra Goodwin, Meggan Gould, Lauren Greenwald, James Hart, Sol Hill, Megan Jacobs, Jen Judge, Karen Kuehn, Lisa Law, Pilar Law, Willis F. Lee, Louis Leray, Patti Levey, Tamara Lichtenstein, Herbert Lotz, Jessamyn Lovell, Richard Lowenberg, Gabriella Marks, Elliot McDowell, Nick Merrick, Lia Moldovan, Duane Monczewski, Delilah Montoya, Sarah Moore, Jonathan Morse, Joseph Mougel, Teresa Neptune, Nic Nicosia, Tony O'Brien, Clay Peres, Jane Phillips, Daniel Quat, Dave Reichert, Tara Raye Russo, Meridel Rubenstein, Janet Russek, Kate Russell, Ward Russell, Key Sanders, Celia Luz Santos, Suzanne Sbarge, David Schienbaum, Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson, Andrea Senutovitch, Frances Seward, Laura Shields, Brandon Soder, Catie Soldan, Nancy Sutor, Anne Staveley, Sharon Stewart, Jamey Stillings, Robert Stivers, Dianne Stromberg, Jim Stone, Martin Stupich, Carrie Tafoya, Laurie Tumer, Lisa Tyrrell, Marion Wasserman, Melanie West, Will Wilson, Francesca Yorke, Joan Zalenski, and Zoe Zimmerman.

Opening: Friday October 4th, 5-7pm, Railyard, Santa Fe (Farmer's Market shade structure)
Book Signing at Photo-Eye: Friday October 18th, 5-7pm (376 Garcia Street)