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Best known for his "New Mexico Trilogy," John Nichols is a novelist, photographer, screenwriter, and environmental nonfiction writer. He was the winner of a 1981 New Mexico Governor's Award and in 2003, both the Frank Waters Award and Wallace Stegner Award. Nichols's works are noted for their social and environmental concerns, particularly the cultural conflict between Anglos and Chicanos in New Mexico, social violence, the destruction of natural resources, and economic imbalance. His books are marked by colorful characters and familiar locales, and they not only deal with larger social issues but also focus on the more intimate issues of family and love. Gale Contemporary Authors Online, 2008

Nichols is the author of twenty books, including his latest novel, On Top of Spoon Mountain (UNM Press 2012). This from his website:
I worked on this novel for 12 years, so obviously it's a masterpiece. Don't take my word, read the book. Jonathan Kepler wants to climb a 13,000 foot high New Mexico Mountain with his adult children, Ben and Miranda, on his 65th birthday. But he's overweight, with heart problems, his life is a mess, his kids know he is crazy. No matter. Pigheaded Jonathan thinks climbing Spoon Mountain will bring him redemption with his offspring come hell or high water. This book is a comedy, a family tragedy, it has a beautiful message. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you won't be disappointed, I promise. Not since The Milagro Beanfield War have I been so on my game. But if I'm wrong you can't get your money back, are you kidding? This is America. The bubble has burst. (Yet my literature soldiers on!)