Passport to the Arts 2014

Artist Quick Draw Event




Event Description

More than 70 Canyon Road gallery artists will have just 2 hours to start and finish an original work of art in the Passport to the Arts’ Quick Draw. It’s a rare opportunity to observe a large number of diverse artists working in the most challenging circumstances. Sculptors, jewelry makers, potters, and artists of all creative persuasions participate, using an array of media and techniques refined over years in studios.

56 Artists have already signed up for the Quick Draw which takes place at a variety of outdoor locations along a half-mile stretch of historic Canyon Road. Times are precise so please arrive early on Canyon Road!

2014 Quick Draw Artists

Artist Name | Canyon Road Gallery
Jacqueline Almond | Last Gallery on the Right
Jason Appleton | Pippin Contemporary
John Axton | Ventana Fine Art
Kathy Beekman | Canyon Road Contemporary Art
Tom Blazier | InArt Santa Fe Gallery
Sandra Boschet | Sage Creek Gallery
Becky Brennen | Pippin Contemporary
Joseph Breza | Greenberg Fine Art
Marina Brownlow | ViVo Contemporary
Donn Clark | InArt Santa Fe Gallery
Bruce Cody | Greenberg Fine Art
Rush Cole | Jewel Mark
Sonni Cooper | Last Gallery on the Right
Ken Daggett | Meyer Gallery
Doug Dawson | Ventana Fine Art
David Perez Escudero | InArt Santa Fe Gallery
Michael Ethridge | Pippin Contemporary
Bill Gallen | Sage Creek Gallery
Ed Greco | Jewel Mark
Lance Green | Canyon Road Contemporary Art
Cyndia Harlan | Canyon Road Contemporary Art
Susanna Hester | Bill Hester Fine Art
Wendy Higgins | Greenberg Fine Art
Cody Hooper | Pippin Contemporary
Andree Hudson | Waxlander Gallery
Silvester Hustito | Winterowd Fine Art
Charles Iarrobino | Sage Creek Gallery
William Johnson | Jewel Mark
Jamie Kirkland | Winterowd Fine Art
Ann Laser | ViVo Contemporary
Tanner Lawley | Canyon Road Contemporary Art
Margi Lucena | Selby Fleetwood Gallery
Lee MacLeod | Silver Sun
Lois Manno | InArt Santa Fe Gallery
Bernard Marks | Waxlander Gallery
Lange Marshall | Greenberg Fine Art
Patrick Matthews | Waxlander Gallery
Tracee Matthews | Waxlander Gallery
Barry McCuan | Ventana Fine Art
Barbara Meikle | Barbara Meikle Fine Art
David Mensing | Canyon Road Contemporary Art
Matt Mitchell | Tom Ross Gallery
DJ Naehritz | Canyon Road Contemporary Art
Pablo Perea | Last Gallery on the Right
Tim Perkins | Sage Creek Gallery
Oliver Polzin | GVG Contemporary
James Roybal | Jordan + Roybal Fine Art
Ed Samuels | Wiford Gallery
Carolyn Shrock | Bill Hester Fine Art
Linda Kyser Smith | Sage Creek Gallery
Barry Thomas | Wiford Gallery
Ann Marie Trapp | Pippin Contemporary
Sara Vacha | Jewel Mark
Sandra Duran Wilson | Pippin Contemporary
Cody Young | Pippin Contemporary
Mark Yearwood | InArt Santa Fe Gallery
Linda Storm | Last Gallery on the Right