Parallel Studios and CURRENTS 2013 present contemporaneous discussions on New Media

‘Art and the Legacy of Artificial Life’




Event Description

Paula Gaetano Adi, Assistant Professor and Area Head for New Media, College of Visual Arts & Design, iARTA Faculty Associate, University of North Texas
David Krakauer Director, (WID) Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Professor of Genetics, & Co-Director, Center For Complexity And Collective Computation
Cory Metcalf Instructor (EMP) Emergent Media Practices, University of Denver and  research affiliate with the iARTA Hybrid Arts Laboratory, University of North Texas
David Stout Professor of Music Composition / Studio Art - New Media, Coordinator (iARTA) Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts, Director (HAL) Hybrid Arts Lab, University of North Texas

Utilized as a scientific means to pursue greater knowledge of living systems and the implementation of new possibilities for semi-autonomous machine learning, A-Life can be seen as a subset of diverse new media practices with a long history extending from the artistic automatons of the Swiss clockmakers through the pioneering systems of 1960’s video art. The panelists will reflect on this history, providing rich illustrations of contemporary forms and a discussion of the emerging areas of scholarship, exhibition and theory guiding the next wave of interdisciplinary experimentation.