An Affair with The Muse




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(505) 699-6576

Ticket Info

The event is also a Benefit for The Santa Fe Symphony. Donations to the Symphony are desired but not required.

Donations gladly accepted at the door or by mail to the Gallery.

All donations must be made out to the Santa Fe Symphony.

Throughout May 10% of all purchased will go towards the Santa Fe Symphony - offering a tax incentive to collectors.

Event Description

The Grand Opening of Kristin Johnson Fine Art in Santa Fe
Debuts A Collection of World-renowned Artists and Local Talents and
Hosts a Benefit for The Santa Fe Symphony – with Garden Music performed by members of The Symphony

Reception: Friday, May 10th - 2013, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Throughout history one can find a strong connection between the visual and performing arts – thus, it is only fitting that Kristin Johnson Fine Art is hosting a Benefit for the Santa Fe Symphony during her inaugural gallery exhibition – AN AFFAIR WITH THE MUSE.

In studying the history of the visual and performing arts, one will find parallels between the specific genres of music and art - both past and present. One can discover cross-inspirational emotional influences both historical and environmental as well as physical influences such as tools, mediums and technology. In art: the virtual score becomes the subject and in the performing arts, the virtual subject becomes the score – each drawing from the other canon.

Kristin Johnson Fine Art has respectfully and diligently selected to represent several visibly diverse artists, each expressing a different perspective on their personal journey in life and in art. The art exhibited is wide-ranging; from monumental public sculpture, to ethereal landscapes, abstract expressionism, humor infused bronze figures, encaustics, to Americana, Southwestern photography and realism. While formally and visually distinct, the artists share a nuanced exploration of their musical inspirations, styles and mediums and the subjective excesses their muses enable.