AGAIN: Repetition, Obsession and Meditation – Opening Reception




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Again features artworks where repetition, obsession or meditation, are key elements to the artist’s process, sometimes obvious in the resulting artwork, sometimes not. Whether what compels each is expressed as a life-long obsession with a subject, such as the bird for Jean-Luc Mylayne, or a repetitive action, as seen in prints by Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin, or a meditative practice that results in an object like Susan York’s hand-polished solid graphite sculptures, the artists in this exhibition repeat themes, motions, motifs and materials again and again, over and over.

This show is open from 20 April - 16 June 2013.

 Jean-Luc Mylayne, No. B4 novembre-décembre 2000-janvier 2001, 2001, Chromogenic print, 62 1/4 x 49 3/8 inches

 Sol LeWitt, Straight lines, approximately one inch long, drawn at randowm, within a square using four direction of line, 1) vertical 2) horizontal 3) diagonal, left to right 4) diagonal, right to left and all combinations of those lines, Etching on paper, 28 x 28 inches

  Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1991, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam portfolio, Lithographs on velum, 12 x 12 inches