A Rare Sale at the Top of Canyon Road




Event Description

An Invitation To A Rare Sale At The Top Of Canyon Road,
Why a sale? Because we want to help you acquire art that you desire, and we artists have been so prolific that we have too much art, and not enough wall space, AND we need to prepare for our next show. So, if you visited our galleries and saw works of art that you still have on your mind, save the date. If you have not visited yet, then do come for this event! All ten artists at Last Gallery On The Right are participating! And, Ronnie Layden, fabulous artist, and owner of the gallery directly across the street will also partake in this big sale. Ronnie Layden Fine Art represents seven artists. He offer’s silver gelatin prints, paintings, and large and small bronze sculptures. We are going to tie the top of Canyon Road together really with ribbon to mark our event. Also, we will be very creative with financing at this event, to fit individual needs, and we accept monthly payments, no interest involved. Please also enjoy musicians, hang out with the artists, and enjoy refreshments in both courtyards! When? All day Sunday, July 28th, Noon to 8.

Please know that we are all fully aware that it is your support that keeps us creating, and we are full of gratitude,
Linda Storm, Ronnie Layden, and all the fabulous artists at our galleries!