Classic Porsches on the Plaza: ‘356 Registry West Coast Holiday 2013’




Event Description

Over 250 classic Porsche sports cars will descend on Santa Fe October 9th through 13th for the  "356 Registry West Coast Holiday 2013." The Holiday is an annual event sponsored by the Porsche 356 Registry, a nationwide club dedicated to preserving and driving early Porsche sports cars from the 1950s and '60s.

On Saturday, October 12th on the Santa Fe Plaza and surrounding streets, including Lincoln, East Palace, San Francisco and Washington the public will be able to admire these classy automobiles. An elaborate plan to fit all 250 some odd cars has been created to show off the Porsches at their best. Placement of the cars will begin at 7:30 AM and the display will conclude at 1:30 PM.

Other events planned for the club members include scenic drives to nearby northern New Mexico attractions such as the high road to Taos, Los Alamos and Santuario de Chimayo. A precision driving event, a parking lot autocross and a timed event around a course of traffic cones will also be held.

The Club's Zia Chapter, which was founded in Santa Fe and counts members throughout New Mexico, is the local sponsoring group. The event's host hotel will be La Fonda at the Plaza. For additional information please view, .

There is nothing quite like a Porsche 356 Registry Holiday. And one in Santa Fe is very special too. While it's always exciting to see one 356 on the street, imagine 250, or more, 356 Porsches and their owners gathered together for a long weekend.

Now, at the end of the Santa Fe Trail, at the south end of the Rockies, Fall is coming, and it’s almost Santa Fe West Coast Holiday time. A scenic, interesting and historic venue, lots of activities including walking tours, a car show, autocross, tech sessions, a swap meet plus social gatherings and dining, and you have a dream-come-true for the 356 enthusiasts in an internationally recognized destination vacation location!

We finally chose not to update the Web Site periodically as finalizing details have not come together over the past six months as we anticipated and planned. This is mostly a byproduct that things sometimes evolve very slowly in New Mexico. Truly, the land of manana. However, this has kept you from having to keep track of what the latest information is all about…..over and over again. It has been static till now!

We apologize for the short notice, but we must have time to compile and publish all information for this West Coast Holiday event. This date too, has slipped up on us.


Changes have been made, and will continue to be updated, clarified, and confirmed for nearly every detail of the West Coast Holiday schedule in Santa Fe. Especially review our hints and instructions for driving into downtown Santa Fe, and your arrival at your hotel property.

The La Fonda Santa Fe is the selected headquarters hotel for this 356 Registry West Coast Holiday 2013. The other event’s Santa Fe Hotels, except The Lodge, are within a 5 to 10 minute walk to La Fonda. Please plan to park at your hotel, and walk to those events at La Fonda, that you want to take part in.

Parking in Santa Fe is difficult, anytime! Use your own hotel’s parking facilities for your one special 356 to simplify your stay in Santa Fe.

Concours Day: Saturday, October 12, 2013. Please take special note of the instructions that Garry Wolf has so carefully planned for mobilizing nearly 250 Porsche 356’s on to the Plaza and adjacent streets of Santa Fe. This plan has been required by the City of Santa Fe. Please be familiar with this plan. We will review this plan several times leading up to Saturday. Please bear with us. Thanks!

Trailer Parking: we have made special arrangements with the City of Santa Fe to have parking for our members' truck and trailer rigs for convenient, downtown parking. A special email will be sent to those 356 truckers that responded to our previous emails regarding parking trailer rigs. Please spread this word to anyone you know that is trailering into Santa Fe. Also, check this Web Site for updates as we will notify you as changes are settled. We must know you are coming and need special parking for your rigs. A parking charge will be necessary to help defray the costs of this downtown location.