16th Annual Spring Balkan Dance with Goddess of Arno




Contact Info:

For more INFORMATION about the Spring Balkan Dance Party & GODDESS OF ARNO: 
Beth Cohen at (505)243-6276 E-mail: cohenedmunds@netzero.net 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoddessofArno 
CDbaby web site: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/goddessofarno 
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euvCr2y6BBY 
OLD web site/ CAN’T UPDATE (but some cool info here): http://members.tripod.com/arnoproductionsnm/GoddessofArno/index.htm 
Winning Coffee Company: 505-266-0000

Ticket Info

Admission: $5

Kids 12 and Under: Free

Event Description

April 6th, Saturday 7:15pm (party @ 8pm) - Goddess of Arno’s 16th Annual Spring Balkan Dance! Celebrate the spring Balkan-style with the exciting and exotic music of the Southwest’s premier 7-piece Balkan dance band ‘Goddess of Arno’. Upbeat dance tunes and traditional songs from Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Hungary – many in the Romani (Gypsy) style and language -are all in the repertoire of this 2002 NM MIC-award-winning band. Members of Goddess of Arno sing and accompany solo and multi-part vocals with traditional ethnic string and percussion instruments as well as violin, guitar, electric bass and alto saxophone. Veteran folk dancer Patsy Gregory will lead the traditional Balkan line dances on Winning’s wood floor and she’ll give a crash course in the basic dances to live music by Goddess of Arno at 7:15PM. The party “officially” begins at 7:45PM and you can also da nce your own dance –or just sit, relax and enjoy the music, ambiance and some of Winning’s delicious snacks and beverages. The Annual Spring Balkan Dance Party will take place at Winning Coffee Company, which is located at 111 Harvard SE (south of Central near UNM) -- admission is ONLY $5.00 at the door, kids 12 and under get in for FREE!

Goddess of Arno band personnel:
Leanne Mennin–percussion (tapan, daide & dumbek) & vocals; 
Barbara Friedman–electric bass, Macedonian tambura & vocals; 
Beth Cohen–violin, guitar, Macedonian tambura & vocals; 
Randy Edmunds-guitar, Macedonian tambura & vocals; 
Jamie Edmunds-alto sax, accordion & vocals;
Mary Masuk-percussion (riq, doumbek, daide & cymbal);
...AND welcoming back our vocalist from NYC Cherrymae Golston!

Dances and Rhythms FEATURED at THIS PARTY: 
Pravos 6/8 (Bulgaria): Devojko Mari Hubava, Prez Gura Vuhrvjaha w/Kabile Pravo, Ovdovjala Lisichkata w/Stano Mome Hubava.
Ruchenitsa 7/8 (Bulgaria): ON OUR CD: Lempero & Mamo Ozheni Ma.
Lesno/lesnoto 7/8 (Maced. & Bulgaria): Jovano Jovanke w/Zoshto si me majko, More Sokol Pie.
Horo 2/4 (Albania): Ani Mori Nuse/Albanian Elegy/Gajda - NEW MEDLEY from Yuri Yunakov & Mertita Halili!!
Chochek/Kjucheks 4/4 (Rom/Eastern Europe fast & slow): Belmont, Sa Bash Tute, Di Di, Ketri Ketri, Kuzum Bela, La Romjasa & Chik Chik Chik Pogodi-NEW from Carol Silverman!!.
Fatishe kolos 9/8 2-3-2-2 (Serbia & Macedonia): Fatishe Kolo, Devojche Devojche, Legnalo Rodne Zaspalo.
Karsilama 9/8 2-2-2-3 (Greece) - 
Beranche/Postupano 12/8 3-2-2-3-2 (Macedonia): AWARD-WINNING on our CD: ‘Beranche’ w/Dafino Vino. 
Pajdushkos 5/8 (Bulgaria & Macedonia): Sine Stojane, More Chicho Reche, Ajde Leno
Eleno Momes 7/8 (Bulgaria & E. Serbia): Petruno Pile Shareno, Brass Band Eleno Mome
Tsamikos 3/8 (Greece): Itia
Mori Shej 4/4 (Hungary): Mori Shej (watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6RLcLEeuQA )
Triti Puti 2/4 (Bulgaria)

5 Dances TAUGHT from 7:15-8pm:
If there are LOTS of beginners/first-timers, Patsy will give a quick-teach of the 2/4 walking horo and some basics first-- otherwise she will teach these 5 dances: Pravo, Fatishe Kolo, Pajdushko, Fast Chochek & Slow Chochek, and then she will lead the rest - or you can dance your own free-form dance...