January 3, 2014 at 11:22 AM

The Last Day of 2013

By Liz Simon

Trips & Quips

Liz Simon is a photographer, writer and cyclist who likes to combine the three in her quest to discover the nooks and crannies of New Mexico. Sometimes, means of transportation other than bicycle are employed---including the Rail Runner and motorcycle.


While riding into downtown, I looked up and saw these three clouds. Just had to stop for a foto-op.


I just liked the lines and the seemingly "dead" branch just waiting for Spring.


I liked all the textures, and the dog, of course.


Can our shadow tell us which way to go?


A New Year is about to open.


Bring your skeletons out of the closet, and paint them!


And I forgot to bring cash. Brilliant.


Christmas waves goodbye and is sent on its way until next year.


The holidays are coming to a close, and the mood was subdued.


Quiet gathering.


The way points up.


Stopped at Downtown Subscription for a ham sandwich. Here's my trusty steed for the day. The Pentax is nicely ensconced in the padded trunk for transit.


Downtown Subscription is a great bike destination in one of the prettiest parts of town.