May 15, 2011 at 10:20 AM

The 10th Annual Horse Shelter BBQ

"Because of abuse/neglect, many horses have supplemental feed and medical needs beyond the basics..."

By Susie Morgan

Hoof Prints in Santa Fe

Susie Morgan is a lifetime lover of horses, the outdoors and lives for adventures. She lives in Las Campanas, and is reconnecting with horses after working 27 years in New York City.


On Sunday May 15th, The Horse Shelter held its 10th annual fundraiser. The Shelter works with law enforcement to take in confiscated abandoned, neglected and abused horses. With over 300 acres and 52 horses in residence, it is the largest equine rescue in New Mexico costing over $50,000 in hay alone to feed the horses each year. Because of abuse/neglect, many horses have supplemental feed and medical needs beyond the basics.

The BBQ fundraiser was a big success with Martin’ Rios (of Iron Chef and Martin’s Restaurant in Santa Fe) providing the luncheon and refreshments. The Mariachi Luna de Plata and Philip Roarke were on hand to entertain while people bid on silent and live auction items. Many believe this silent auction is the biggest in Santa Fe – an indication of how much Santa Fe cares about this cause.

Unfortunately, this event raised only 35% of what is needed to cover the shelter’s annual expenses. There are only 2 ½ full time employees; the rest of the work is done by volunteers. There have been 11 successful adoptions in the past 12 months, but even more homes are needed for horses as more horses are continuously added to the shelter.

To donate, volunteer, for information, or to visit the shelter, call 505-471-6179 / Toll Free: (888) 471-4677 or

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