SOFA WEST 2011 Preview Opening

- August 4, 2011

"See and delight in the wonder through your own eyes..."

SOFA WEST preview opening on August 3, 2011 created quite a stir at the Santa Fe Convention Center.  As usual, people from all walks of life attended. While waiting to get in I started people watching and worried awhile because there were so many women wearing very high heels.

Restless, I went to visit the vendors. These people had traveled from Oregon, Wyoming, Chicago Illinois and more. People at each booth were eager to talk and had great insights to different artists and groups in the show. When you go to the show, make sure to stop by the vendors for very interesting updates.

Once in the show, there are 36 different booths to visit.  Each booth offers a mini show that one can spend a significant time in viewing.  The variety of styles, types of art, sculpture, and functional art provides enough to whet the appetite of any collector. Visitors were actively investigating pieces and sales were being completed in several booths. If you know that there are artists showing that you collect, make sure to attend early.

New this year are outsider and folk art. These are must see booths that can stimulate your mind to create your own work while also sharing rich stories from diverse cultures.

If this article seems general and brief, let it spark your curiosity and go to the show. See and delight in the wonder through your own eyes. Have fun and tell your friends. Perhaps we'll run into each other. After spending a couple hours, I must return to see and reflect again. Yes, you will get more news soon.


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