Memories Broken

- January 30, 2012

"...what matters most transcends old stories..."

the peruvian hammock blows

in gentle winter wind

on paint peeling porch.

day almost like spring.

sun promises hope.

spring! the era of new changes

wakes amidst winter.

i picked up broken pieces

from treasured objects again.

the demolition cat squad

still kittens in young big

bodies filled with curiosity

keeps crashing  things

two decades of memories

scattered in shards,

and the pieces break my shadows

my previous perspectives

clearing unmentioned boundaries.

i honor the past.

i understand from broken eggs

new chicks emerge.

what matters most

transcends old stories

and expands and empowers

the love of living

as kittens grown big bodies,

perfectly present now.

will you join us?

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