Jerry quotes for T-n-J

- August 2, 2011

Well, what would've been Jerry Garcia's 69th birthday has come and gone, and the sad anniversary of his passing will be Tuesday (8/9).  Some fans have taken to calling this 8 day stretch "The Days Between."

I know guest toast Nate Downey did a bang-up job getting some nice Jerry runs in the mix last week, but this week on Toast-n-Jam, I feel like a bit of sustain on the Jerry tribute is in order.  So, thanks to Nate and his mad archivist, Chris, this week's show will open with more Jerry.  Might close with more Jerry too.  You'll have to have your ears on KBAC Thursday to hear how it plays out.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any great Jerry stories or favorite quotes they'd like to shout out, I'll do my best to read your comments on the air this Thursday night if you'd care to leave some.  THX (^_^) TOAST


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