April 3, 2013 at 12:01 PM

It’s all About Food… or so They Think

"By publishing this Santa Fe story here, I hope to provide entertainment and get myself to write more.

By Mary MacIntyre

Poetically Hungry

Mary MacIntyre writes incessantly, is an avid photographer, and a classic health food nut.


Every so often, Mary MacIntyre, the author will post clips of the first draft as it is written. Yes, that's me challenging myself to create a humorous novel. I welcome your comments and input as I go share these adventures. By publishing this Santa Fe story here, I hope to provide entertainment and get myself to write more.

Early in 2013 Mary McCormick decided to attend the annual Women's Health Fair. In the old days people might get a small massage, meet health practioners demonstrating body work, see the latest news about women services in Santa Fe and the area. Mary hoped for a mini-spa experience, free samples, and maybe a few free pens. A free weekend at Ojo Caliente spa would be terrific, however any of the above would be a special no cost treat.

Melina Garcia who just turned 50 three weeks earlier had bigger goals. In the last 60 days she had lost 25 pounds consuming a new diet shake. She had signed up to the online networking business and had declared her goal to stop obesity locally. Santa Fe watch out: this lady has newfound energy and determination. Her husband, Paul, also finds new enthusiasm as he enjoys his trim and fit new body. "Just the shakes twice a day", he says.

Alice Star felt like taking a break from her three children. Fortunately, her sister Sally Gomez had agreed to take the kids to the movies for the afternoon. Amazingly all the children from ages 7-12 had agreed that the new "Oz" movie would be great fun. She lives in a town outside of Espanola, and she welcomed the break to come to Santa Fe.

Between the three women, they were 70 pounds overweight. Mary, if she confessed the truth, was 30 pounds heavier than her "healthy weight." She had lost 80 pounds over two years ago. Recently, her healthy food plan had a few too many food detours. Melina was riding the wave of success. She had found the gold ring of weight loss and only had a few pounds left to lose. Alice had resigned herself to being comfortably round. Actually she's very attractive. As a women in her mid 40s with three children and two jobs, she probably has reached a perfect weight. She can't resist trying the latest, newest, healthiest diet program. She will do anything to reach her youthful slender body which frankly just shy of being skinny.

These three food -and fu- loving ladies had no idea that at this fair, where they would meet and share their first lunch, their lives would change forever. "It's all about food" Mary chuckled, "Let's indulge a little today." "We could start at the Green Tree Cafe," Alice suggested. "Then we could go to happy hour at Burger Haven", Melina grinned.