April 12, 2013 at 12:33 PM

It’s All About Food: Lunch

A novel-in-progress about friendship and food

By Mary MacIntyre

Poetically Hungry

Mary MacIntyre writes incessantly, is an avid photographer, and a classic health food nut.


The day was unusually cool and gray for a New Mexico spring.  If only it would rain!  More likely a chance for snow. The wind was blasting even worse than usual for spring wind.  Not one of the women wished for summer yet the forecasters already were proclaiming more drought.  More drought often meant more forest fires and higher temperatures.

Green Tree Cafe seemed a fine choice as it was nestled within the mall.  However, when the women went there they became discouraged by the long line and no tables available nearby. Alice seemed relieved as she hoped to eat somewhere less expensive.  Mary wasn't excited by Burger Haven and so she suggested 5 Star Burger.  Melina became more excited as they had grass fed beef that was locally raised.  The three women decided to face the wintry cold strong wind and walked to 5 Star Burger Restaurant.

Alice quickly ordered a large Caesar salad with chicken.  Mary told her to ask for the dressing on the side.  They always were too generous with the dressing.  Mary ordered a vanilla shooter ice cream cone as an appetizer, plus fried green beans, and mixed fries for her meal. Both Alice and Melina raised their eyebrows at her selection. "I get to cheat sometimes", Mary proclaimed. "The ice cream cone is small and only costs $1.00."  Melina ordered a burger with no bun and a side salad. The small ice cream cone arrived with an extra big scoop.  The waiter said he felt generous today.

Melina gently began talking about her SuperEasy diet program.  It was hard to tell which excited her more: losing weight or the business opportunity.  Alice was all ears savoring each morsel of the news about a new diet plan. "It's really easy and very healthy", Melina exclaimed. "What are the ingredients?" Mary enquired between licks of her ice cream.

Lunch came and the chatter continued about food and diets. The food tasted especially wonderful as if it were the last meal.  Three quarters through lunch, Alice suggested,"Let's choose a diet plan a week each week for 10 weeks and see how much weight we lose."  Mary coughed while swallowing water. "That means a real commitment!" she gasped.

Melina, who had already got Alice to commit to starting the SuperEasy diet and to join the business considered that this might be a great learning experience for everyone, and provide comparative stories for her group. She eagerly said, "You're on!" Each woman became silent and looked at one another.  Mary boldly announced, "I think we should start with the SuperEasy diet.  I can buy only one week's shakes supplies can't I?" Melina's jaw dropped, and she gleefully said,"I'll give them to you!" "Great! I'll start blogging about this!"

This is a novel.  Stories told by the characters referring to any diet program are fictional.  Before starting any diet program talk to your physician or practioner.  Any diet or diet product often is good as long as you do it. Changing you eating habits, food, exercise, and lifestyle will ultimately provide you with success. (Fat Chance! Mary McCormick)