January 18, 2013 at 8:03 AM

Impact of Facebook Graph Search to Your Business

Digital Friday/Promotion

By James Glover

Once a Day Marketing

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Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, contributing blogger for Once a Day Marketing. Today is Digital Friday and, inspired by two recent Wall Street Journal articles, I am going to summarize the recent news of Facebook’s newly unveiled Graph Search.

On January 15, 2013 Facebook launched a new search, referred to as the Graph Search. This feature allows users to seek information based on connections to their friends; for  example search for a favorite movie. The search may also be used to obtain a more specific recommendation such as the best spot for Chinese food in San Francisco. With 800 million active users and supplemental sources from Bing, I am sure search possibilities are endless.

What does this mean to your business? Any potential opportunities will not be available immediately. Facebook is currently testing the tool with a limited number of users and it’s not available on mobile devices.

Although initial response online and on Wall Street was lukewarm at best; Facebook has opened up a myriad of possibilities for the future. Your business may have more choices available to reach customers, ways to build deeper emotional connections to your audience, re-energized campaigns to Like a business and an additional search engine to channel your marketing message through.

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