June 6, 2011 at 1:16 PM

Food Poem 1

I anticipated dealing with people's hungers in several levels including mind, psychological, physical and spiritual

By Mary MacIntyre

Poetically Hungry

Mary MacIntyre writes incessantly, is an avid photographer, and a classic health food nut.


When I thought about this blog, I anticipated dealing with people's hungers in several levels including mind, psychological, physical and spiritual. I did not expect that a new state of food insecurity would be instituted for those already besieged by hunger. My disappointment increases when our own goverment chose to create additional hardship to citizens who are least capable to increase their income for food. At least 4000 elderly and disabled New Mexicans will receive less food stamps.


What is an 80 year old suppose to do to get more food?  What is someone so disabled that they can not work suppose to do to get more food?


Less healthy nutrition increases the risks of chronic diseases, mental health troubles, obeisity and related diseases and conditions. Hence these people need more medical care, medications, and possible home health care.  The expenses of these treatments and services will be far greater than the cost of the food stamps. "Penny wise, pound foolish."


Here is poem 1. Feel free to share. If you are concerned about the health of New Meixicans, please start email, facebook, and phone campaigns. Let me know your thoughts too.


Are they your grandparents?

Look into their eyes

listen to their bellies growl

maybe the blood sugar is high

they cannot afford

a good dinner tonight.


Review their life

they raised the children

and often are raising the grandchildren.

They worked all their lives in the schools

in the kitchens

in the mines or factories or

in the fields

they honored their labor.

Where did they go wrong?


Most will be women

who earned lower wages

paying always with neglect.


Now they are cast away again

the aunties, mothers, sisters.

Fathers, brothers, sons

Look into their eyes

How dare you

dishonor their lives

when they can no longer

serve you?

Have you any moral


God find pity for the

heartless leaders

while they eat feast tonight.

Poem by Mary MacIntyre 2011