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Exploring Social Media Marketing - Pinterest

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By James Glover

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First a definition:

Pinterest is an online pinboard used by both individuals and businesses. A Pinterest user establishes pinboards on various topics and posts related items that interest them. Pins can be original, from a website or re-pins from within Pinterest.

A business leveraging Pinterest might create various boards around the use of their products accompanied by enticing photographs, recipes or usage information. Below you will see an example pinboard from Bobby’s Flay’s Pinterest site; this one is for his Mesa Grill Restaurant.

Pinterest users may choose to follow individuals or businesses that align with their interests. The user will receive Pins on their home page from those they are following. Users are able to repin, comment on or like the pins of others.  Pinterest has a search capability that allows users to search for items they are interested in.

Pinboards are attractive photos on topics ranging from cooking to shoes and are accompanied by a description or a link, perhaps to a recipe. Since its launch in March of 2010 interest in Pinterest has skyrocketed.

Pinterest Fast Facts (source Mashable.com 2/25/13)

  1. 1.36 million visitors every day
  2. 62% female
  3. 28.1%  have annual household income >$100,000
  4. 50% have kids
  5. 27.4% in the 25-34 age group; 22.1% 35-44
  6. Referral traffic 3.6%; more than LinkedIn, Goggle + and YouTube combined

Consider adding Pinterest to your marketing toolkit if your desire is to create an image for your brand and sell with and indirect approach. The strongest impact is visual. Pins can share information about your company or anything else you think your customers would be interested in.

Once you have when you decide to move forward; develop a strategy. The following elements will assist you in designing your presence on Pinterest:

  1. Identify the attributes of the various customer segments you want to target

Example – busy moms, families w/ young kids, singles, sports fans

  1. Review the needs and interests of each group

Focus pinboards to respond to needs and interests

Underlying message should be how your products unique attributes make customers lives easier or better (over benefit)

  1. Start with 3-6 boards created around the various segments/needs

Pinterest is another social media tool you can leverage to get your marketing message out. When determining whether or not to add it to your marketing campaigns, consider your social media marketing holistically.

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