Early Morning at Ski Santa Fe: ‘Cold Beauty in High Places’

Liz Simon - December 14, 2013

'For me, there is nothing better than being in the mountains.'

For me, there is nothing better than being in the mountains. Today I could not ski much because an ankle injury from this summer was bothering me a lot. I knew I was in a bit of pickle when I got up this morning, ouch, ooo, ow...so I decided that I would take the large Pentax camera up on the hill as a substitute for skiing at Mach 10 which would NOT happen today.
Yes, I like shooting with iPhones and the like, but for a really nice shot suitable for enlarging, I still opt for a DSLR camera. And I like all the controls on these more sophisticated cameras. This particular model is also weather-sealed, and cold-resistant, so I never have to worry about taking it to the place that I want to visit.
Skiing with the camera was a different way of skiing. I left the poles behind in my locker and strapped the well padded camera bag around my neck. Being without poles forced me to slow down, and that also invited closer observation of everything. People who were skiing were very excited to see someone taking photos….I don't know why. Maybe because it is rare to see the big cameras on the hill and maybe because we're all basically a bunch of hams, given the opportunity. So, I got lots of "waves" and "hellos" which was fun. Snowboarders were particularly "into it."
Mostly I just wanted to share the icy beauty of the mountain shortly after sunrise. 
I ended my photographic jaunt at Totemoff's, as usual. And because I was feeling a little sorry for myself, I ordered the green chile cheeseburger. The two enormous chocolate chip cookies which you see in the photograph are a mistake, and were not supposed to be there. It's not quite as bad as it looks. I like to leave those in my backpack in case we are ever invaded by some foreign army, like Canada for example; and I'll need spare provisions. Are you buying that one?
It was a great day.
The best "groomers" in the world.
The best staff in the world.
Great views from up high...
Totemoff's on a cold sunny day...
Everyone knows this guy….Hi Christian.
The grill was in full operation.
Green Chile cheeseburger…and nothing else.
Visitor from Nevada.
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