June 21, 2013 at 7:43 AM

Developing Wireless Products for On the Go Customers

Digital Friday/Product

By James Glover

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Once a Day Marketing™ featured video blog: Wireless Trends for Mobile Customers

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Digital Friday and we are looking at developing wireless products for customers on the go.

After spending a week on the East Coast enjoying wonderful tourism destinations and my experience with a new smart phone, we were reminded of the power of mobile technology. More and more users are relying on smart phones to guide their daily lives.

Time Magazine addressed this growing trend in its “The Wireless Issue”. They looked at ten world-wide trends surrounding smart phones. The following is a quick summary of the ten trends:

Democracy - There is a trend for organizations to use smart phones for voter registration and accepting contributions

Giving - Donations to charities may be made via smart phone and support for social change as well

Spending - People are using their smart phone to spend money differently than credit cards and cash

Secrets – The ability exists to determine where you are or what you do with your smart phone

Attitude - How are individuals perceiving the ability to leverage smart phones to gain a view into their activity?

Talking - Smart phones in remote areas of the world allow people to communicate better than ever before

Seeing - Smart phones have the capability to capture photos and videos

Play - Smart phones enable playing online games without being tied to a box

Learning – Perhaps the most exciting of the trends; smart phone are enabling learning in new ways

Health - In remote areas of the world people are able to send their symptoms to a doctor somewhere else in the world to make a diagnosis

For Digital Friday, consider how you can leverage these trends and enhance your products and services to work on mobile devices.

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