‘Coreografia’ in Santa Fe

- October 4, 2012

“A world premier by dancer/choreographer Robert Wood…”

The Robert Wood Dance Company, premiers “Coreografia”  at the Lensic on October 6 and the evening promises to be a treat for all of the senses.

“Coreografia”, a full-length, 17-section performance event choreographed by dancer/choreographer Robert Wood for his company encompasses contemporary dance, live and recorded music and vibrant production design

“Coreografia” combines the skills of choreographer Wood, 16 dancers, composers and sound designers Robert Miller and John King and designer Patricia Morgan. The creative approach to “Coreografia” includes an elaborate soundscape created by Miller and King—an important artistic element that these talented composer/designers bring to this unique collaboration. For her part in this collaborative work, Morgan, a prominent New Zealand visual artist and designer, will create powerful projected images and various artistic objects that will fly, float and make their own statements with the sound, light, and dance.

Of “Coreografia,” Robert Wood Dance Company founder and choreographer Wood has this to say:  “Each of the three elements—dance, sound and design—are independent and exist in their own dimension. There is structure and planning, but also room for spontaneity from all the artists. It’s precisely choreographed and very organized, but with parameters that allow some things to change.” Co-artistic director Joan Lombardi adds, “I believe that Robert has gone further than anyone else in the direction that 21st-century dance needs to go. His work allows the human spirit of each artist to show through. Watching it is deeply emotional and each viewer will come away with a different experience, even though they saw the same thing.”

Wood, a featured dancer with Merce Cunningham, Martha Clarke, David Gordon, and other major New York companies for more than 25 years, now pursues his own vision through artistic residencies and performances around the world. He has been in Santa Fe since 2010. After 20 years as a dancer in renowned companies, Lombardi founded the Joan Lombardi Dance Company in New York in 1976 to explore her own distinctive approach to choreography. She and Wood were friends and fellow dancers. She moved to Santa Fe in 2006 and they reconnected.

Dancers from Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Zimbabwe and from the now disbanded Merce Cunningham Dance Company, join with dancers from Santa Fe in the mounting of this complex work at the Lensic on Saturday, October 6.

Tickets are available through Tickets Santa Fe at the Lensic.

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