October 25, 2012 at 4:33 PM

Beet Treats

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By Susie Morgan

Hoof Prints in Santa Fe

Susie Morgan is a lifetime lover of horses, the outdoors and lives for adventures. She lives in Las Campanas, and is reconnecting with horses after working 27 years in New York City.


This equine supply store carries basic horse supplies and Carhartt clothing including the women’s line. Open since 2010, Barn Dogs serves the Eldorado horse community. Proprietor Holly and Molly (the barn dog), opened this establishment after relocating from California where they operated a successful equestrian store. After a couple of years of retirement, they got the itch to open a new store.

One of the Barn Dog specialties includes healthy horse foods. Among these are Beet Treats —a healthy alternative to sugared treats designed for horses that should not have sugar and starch. Made from special beets, these low fat pellets store extremely well and take lots of crunching for digestion. Holly says, “Much of what I wind up stocking is items that people request, then I find that other people wanted it too but just had not asked.”

That’s what happened with Beet Treats. Holly says, “You requested them and suddenly everyone is buying them. Our Vet, Dr. Mark Meddleton, recommended we eliminate treats or find a healthy alternative to horse cookies. We use Beet Treats for our gas-prone gelding and our mare that had colic surgery years ago."

Beet Treats come in three flavors: cinnamon, green apple and licorice. Available in one-pound,  four-pound or 10-pound bags these items are cheaper to buy from Barn Dogs than from the distributor, due to the shipping costs of these weighty treats.

Pill-Camo is another popular choice: a soft pliable treat that allows you to push meds into the middle. No horse can resist these sweet treats, so this makes doctoring easier for everyone.

So, if you are out in Galisteo Basin or Eldorado, stop in to say hi to Holly and Molly. They just might have what you have been shopping for.

barndogs.com 7 Caliente Road, Eldorado 505-466-1059

meddletonequine.com 505-867-5567