January 30, 2014 at 9:17 AM

33 Sakes in 33 Days:  #19 Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo

Honey's Sake Symposium from Ten Thousand Waves

By Honey Harris

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To help celebrate Ten Thousand Waves' 33rd birthday, we are tasting 33 Sakes in 33 Days and learning so much with our Sake Symposium and today we'll be talking about our 19th sake, the Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo.  Founded in 1689, the Manabito brewery has been producing sake for more than 320 years.  Its rich history and loyal fan base have allowed the brewery to specialize in premium production.  For the sakes in the Manabito line, this dedication to excellence means that most of the sakes are bottle-aged for an extra year before being released.  This unique practice, more similar in concept to wine, is a source of great pride for the brewery.  According to owner Jouji Sato, "the bottle aging prevents oxidation and flavor loss, and preserves our exceptional quality."  All of the sake rice used in the Manabito sakes is specially commissioned by the brewery.  Many of the farmers who spend the warmer months growing rice then spend their winters as brewery workers, turning their rice into sake.  The name Manabito translates to "sincere person", and is a tribute to these workers who toil all year long to create such wonderful sake.  Sake students, do you recall that in our sake pyramid the Junmai Ginjo is up at the top, meaning more refined and does not have alcohol added to it?  To me, this means that it tastes really smooth with hints of licorice and elevates everything you eat.  The Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo has won many awards and Wine Spectator's Top Recommended Pick, May 2013.  This sake was expertly brewed then meticulously matured in a bottle for two years.  This rare Kimoto Junmai Ginjo and earthiness, complexity and a smooth finish that can't be beat.  Its great acidity is an ideal pair with fried foods, gamey meats and liver.  It can also be paired with hard cheese or simply sipped alone.

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