January 28, 2014 at 9:23 AM

33 Sakes in 33 Days:  #17 Ichishima Junmai

Honey's Sake Symposium from Ten Thousand Waves

By Honey Harris

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Last Sunday's Sake tasting at Ten Thousand Waves' new restaurant, Izanami, was especially fun and interesting as Linda and Derrick told us about the sakes from the mountain regions of Japan.  Our 17th sake that we'll be talking about today is the Ichishima Junmai, which comes in a gorgeous white bottle.  The rice used in the Ichishima Junmai is polished to 65%, the water is soft-flowing underground from the Iide Mountains, a sub-stream of the Kaji River, which is represented as a drawing on the Ichishima bottle labels.  The Ichishima Junmai tastes round and creamy with notes of apple and banana.  This is a classic Niigata Junmai and we thought it paired well with Chef Kim Muller's housemade gyoza, which is pork, scallion, cabbage and ginger.  All of the sakes that we have been tasting are chilled, and I must say I actually prefer chilled rather than warmed.  Most of the sakes that we've been sampling can be served either chilled or warm.

At Izanami, they are celebrating the 33rd birthday of Ten Thousand Waves' with a happy hour now through February. Every evening after 9pm, all food at Izanami is 33% off the regular menu price. And all day today you can taste the Ichishima Junmai at a special price. Just mention that you heard about it on The Big Show. Be sure to take your notes and enter our contest to win dinner for two at Izanami and a private hot tub for two from Ten Thousand Waves by logging onto santafe.com keyword sake on Fridays and on Monday we will draw a winner. Good luck, Sake students!


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