July 26, 2011 at 1:20 PM

Ten Inspirational Exercises

"As the world and society seems to be spinning faster and faster, each of us may need more ways to ground ourselves"

By Mary MacIntyre

Poetically Hungry

Mary MacIntyre writes incessantly, is an avid photographer, and a classic health food nut.


As the world and society seems to be spinning faster and faster, each of us may need more ways to ground ourselves. These ideas may seem obvious, perhaps renewing the practice of these ideas could help you navigate the stresses and changes that continually present themselves.

Also, as Santa Fe has so many practioners and people who could add to this, please leave comments and more tools. Another great resource is to go to http://ksfr.org and find the archives of her past shows.  You can learn about workshops, practioners and so much more.

  1. When a poet begins to compose, often an image or a series of visions captures focus and clarity. Those images stimulate a flow of connective phrases, more images, and then generates the poem.  You can begin by noticing imagery that opens your voice or meditation. These ideas can open your mind to solutions and peace.
  2. Dare to be you. Try a few outrageous dreams that you have been carrying around. If not now when? Great adventures can nurture and challenge your life.
  3. Breathe. Relax. Let go.
  4. Expand your community. Find like minds where you can share what you love. You can do this one person at a time. These events may help you relax or have fun. Perhaps a community can help you expand your career, hobby. or passion.
  5. Create time for yourself.
  6. Walk or gently exercise.
  7. Write in your journal.
  8. Create seven word poems.  Share with friends.
  9. Celebrate the wonder and joy in you.
  10. Gratitude. Eat, breathe, and dream gratitude.

Pick any of the above. Stand in the monsoon rains and laugh or sing. Go to Everyday Spiritual Living Center, Sundays at the Santa Fe Women's Center. Place prayer requests as well. Remember to enjoy today. Hunger dissolves and life can be embraced and seem much more peaceful. Namaste.