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Patty Armstrong

Where’s My Great Career?

Patty Armstrong is a career counselor and educator on a mission to help people of all ages find careers they enjoy.

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Slow Down! A Hasty Job Application is a Mistake

'You don’t get an “A” on your paper, a bonus for a project, or the job you are seeking with a casual effort.'

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O*NET Helps You Find Key Words for Your Resume

'This easy-to-use resource gives (people) the right words to describe their knowledge and experience'

Andrew Leo Lovato

Communication Guy

Andrew Lovato, Ph.D., is a communication professor, author and eavesdropper.

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Ode to the Santa Fe River

There are those who see your plight and feel for you like a beloved father

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Santa Fe musings: art and culture

"The Santa Fe that we know today, owes its character to the artistic traditions that span the centuries..."

Susan Tungate

Information and Inspiration Under Santa Fe Skies

Susan Tungate is a writer, intrepid traveler, blogger and writing teacher.

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M&M’s as Moments

'Notice the moments that shine out at you and grab your attention.'

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Parking curiosities in the City Different

Todd Eric Lovato

Fox in a Forest

Todd Eric Lovato is a Santa Fe native, the editor of and an overfed, long-haired leaping gnome.

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Melissa J White

Santa Fe Sky 365

Does Santa Fe average 300 days of sunshine a year?

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Art on the Radio

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Mabel Dodge and Modernism in New Mexico

"Born in 1879 to great wealth, Mabel managed to practically singlehandedly span the Victorian and Modern eras"

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ArtBeat: February 14, 2014

"Happy V-Day!"

Arthur Panaro

Sinuhe Speaks

Arthur Panaro is a psychotherapist, teacher and writer. He did 7 years of hard time on fantasy island, Manhattan, NYC, before making the jump to hyper-space in New Mexico.

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Levi Ben-Shmuel

Tai Chi and Kabbalah teacher, author of Living Wisely

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There are currently no blog entries.

Liz Simon

Trips & Quips

Liz Simon is a photographer, writer and cyclist who likes to combine the three in her quest to discover the nooks and crannies of New Mexico. Sometimes, means of transportation other than bicycle are employed---including the Rail Runner and motorcycle.

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The Goal: Breakfast at Totemoff’s

'I will be posting photos of my early morning treks.'

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Paint to your Heart’s Delight with Julie Claire’s ‘Intuitive Painting’

'We've all had quite enough of "drill and review" and the memorizing (mesmerizing) of facts in our educational backgrounds.'

Marc Choyt

Ornamentation Without Exploitation

Marc Choyt is an activist fair trade jeweler, journalist and author of an upcoming book about business, circle and blessing: 'The Circle Manifesto.'

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Howling Against The Triple Bottom Line

'Human beings are not greater or more important than other species, or even the elements that keep us alive. All that is, is essential for the whole. '

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Over Our Dead Salmon: Bristol Bay, DeBeers and Ethical Jewelry

'For those considering purchasing jewelry, support only those jewelers who can honestly answer the question: Can you trace your gold, silver platinum and gems from mine to market?'

Dick Rosemont

The Guy In the Groove

Dick is an all-around music guy and wild shirt aficionado.

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JFK & The Beatles

Did a president's death inaugurate a musical revolution?

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Too Old To Rock?

'It's one thing to get on stage and run through songs the audience recognizes and expects. But how long can performers continue to be artistically vital..."

Polly White

Santa Fe Business Musings

Polly White is a local business owner, active community member and astronomy geek.

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Social Media Getting Started Guide

"Don’t think you have to spend many hours a week on this, but you do need to keep a steady presence"

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Conditions are Great for Going Solar in New Mexico

"People are making their own power all over the state"

Mary MacIntyre

Poetically Hungry

Mary MacIntyre writes incessantly, is an avid photographer, and a classic health food nut.

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Images of the madness.

Keep Calm and Santa Fe Comic-Con!

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

'A hot dog just doesn’t taste the same unless there’s a baseball game in front of it'

José Smith

The Beans & Chile

José Smith is a writer, stay-at-home dad and fiend of excellent essays.

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The Spectacle of Fiestas

"Fiestas, absorbed through the senses of a child, is the essence of the spectacle."

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The Skinny on Zozobra 2013

'We held our kids close, assuring them all was gonna be okay, their eyes ripe with wonder and awe.'

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Along the Way - Jesse Gomez Making a Difference in Bluewater, New Mexico

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Along the Way – Mary Libby Campbell: Making a Difference in Harding County

'It got a little lonely on that cool November morning as I drove for 45 miles on highway 56 between Clayton and Springer and didn’t spot another human being...'

Greta Chapin McGill

Santa Fe Fashion and Style

Greta is an artist, writer and renaissance woman

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James Glover

Once a Day Marketing

James Glover, That Branding Guy, provides the inspiration and ideas for you to build more mindshare and capture marketshare with your customers in his Once a Day Marketing blog. Tune in often to his short, entertaining and practical marketing and branding tips and watch your organization become more successful and profitable.

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‘Teddy Bears’: A Film Review

'With a comedic twist surrounding Andrew, Dave and Owen’s lust for love, this film leaves you with a direct yet complex question: What do you really want and are you willing to go after it?'

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‘Funeral Kings’: A Film Review

"This film awakens the young soul within and dares you to take the next step"

Eric Davis

The Way I See Things

Eric Davis is rebel, a renaissance man, a racounteur, and a philosopher of little or no consequence.

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Having my first child at 52

Who’s Your Daddy? Part Five

Lost in a world of baby toys, diapers and a much-younger wife, while trying to retain my sanity.

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Lost in a world of baby toys, diapers and a much-younger wife, while trying to retain my sanity

Who’s Your Daddy? Part Four

April 15, 2013.

Frances Madeson

Written Word, Spoken Word

Creatively Searching for Dignity, Justice and Laughter in Unusual Places

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June 12th Fundraiser to Support June 21st March/Rally

Santa Fe Supports the ‘Burque 13’

'Here are 13 images of random folks I approached yesterday afternoon who welcomed the opportunity to express support.'

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Mother’s Day Lament

Who profits from more women being sucked into the for-profit prison industrial complex?

Dirk Gray

Stars and Gripes

Dirk Gray attended New Mexico Military Institute and is a Chaplain for the 47th New Mexico Honor Guard, providing Military Funeral Honors. Contact him with questions at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Introducing the NMDVS

'The NM Department of Veteran Services assists veterans, their widows, and children in establishing the privilege's which they are legally entitled. '

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Welcome to Stars and Gripes

'Stars and Gripes will be short posts on issues that impact our military families.'

Tom Maguire

Culture Vulture

Tom Maguire is a musician, arts supporter and a guy who travels the Southwest in a 13’ Scamp trailer, because he couldn’t figure out how the tent poles went together.

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Architectural Plagiarism? Iraqi Architect Zaha Hadid’s China Syndrome

"We should wage this war without surrender, for ideas are what have created and shaped our society and we should treasure them, honor them and protect them."

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Cello Denied Frequent Flyer Miles

"Musican and his cello battle with airlines..."

Levi Ben-Shmuel

Speaking for a Wiser Life

Levi Ben-Shmuel is a Tai Chi and Kabbalah teacher, and co-creator of "Sulam Chi: A Dance of Life."

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Susie Morgan

Hoof Prints in Santa Fe

Susie Morgan is a lifetime lover of horses, the outdoors and lives for adventure. She moved to Santa Fe in 2006 and is reconnecting with horses after working on Wall Street in NYC for 30 years.

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Casey St. Charnez

Media Rare

Casey St. Charnez has been video editor for Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide since 1986 and buyer for Lisa Harris' Video Library since 1981. He likes Lisa, cats, crosswords, and the Metropolitan Opera, probably in that order.

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‘American Sniper’ Hits It’s Target Dead-On

'Nevertheless I sure have taken my own sweet time in rousting myself to go see it.'

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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for December 18th

"...the date is all but tattooed on the inside of my eyelids."

Lynn Cline

Gourmet Girl

Lynn Cline is a former food editor and the author of two books – Romantic Days and Nights in Santa Fe and Literary Pilgrims: The Santa Fe and Taos Writers' Colonies, 1915-1950. She also loves to cook, when not dining out.

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Gourmet Girl: Santa Fe’s Food Truck Scene Heats Up

A new SFCC partnership with Street Food Institute could greatly expand Santa Fe's food truck scene.

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Gourmet Girl: Spring Fling

It's time to turn away from the root vegetables that sustained us during winter and savor the fruits of the season.

Thor Sigstedt

Thor’s Hammer

Thor Sigstedt is an artist in wood, words, cameras, bronze, cast iron, glass, notes and steel; a homesteader from Spirit Valley specializing in forest diversity and “land ethics” and a dabbler in practical and non-practical non-zero new paradigm complexity in the multiverse.

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‘I Am Not Corn’

'Ralph Waldo Emerson, visited the jail and asked, “What are you doing in there, Henry?” and Thoreau quipped, “That is not the question; the question is: what are you doing out there, Waldo?'

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‘Fire Therapy’

'...Spraying sparks in an amazing dazzle of fire, showering us all in its display and creating a mixture of profound fear and eye opening excitement.'

Karen Denison

At Home Outdoors

Karen Denison is owner of Outspire Hiking and Snowshoeing guide service, a former biologist, and a shameless admirer of the outdoors.

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The Smell of Summer

The air is heavy with the smells of ozone, wet earth, and the overwhelming pungency of sagebrush being pummeled with life-sustaining rain.

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‘What’s in a Name?’

'In our area, lots of plants and animals echo the names of early naturalists: Douglas firs, Townsend's solitaires, Gambel oak and quail.'

Craig Smith

Critical Faculties

Craig Smith answered an ad for singers for the Santa Fe Desert Chorale’s first season way back when – OK, 1983 – and has been here happily ever since. He is a writer, editor, journalist, arts critic, general wordsmith, and wannabe polymath.

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Santa Fe Opera Review: ‘King Roger’

" 'Roger' explores the ages-old conflict between head and heart , a/k/a Apollonian restraint versus Dionysian abandon"

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Santa Fe Opera Review: ‘Maometto II’

"The July 18 performance I attended, the second, was ravishing musically and vivid dramatically"

Bran Ghigliotty

Bran's Fancy Words

Bran is a writing student at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and Editorial Assistant at

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The Murk of Memory

"'The Pearl' spoke of loneliness, longing and and a troubled relationship to the landscape."

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Shepard Fairey Visits SFUAD

"Fairey will be working on a permanent mural on the Santa Fe University of Art and Design campus throughout the week of February 18"

Staci Golar

Culture Junkie

Staci Golar is a writer, artist and fan of the Welsh village name Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch.

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Local Treasures

Our Lady of Guadalupe

"How 'Our Lady' Became a Potent Symbol of Santa Fe"

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Pueblo Feast Days Throughout New Mexico Fill Body and Spirit

"’s a quintessential New Mexican experience..."

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